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Beijing Bailongma Movie&TV Culture Broadcasting Center

—— Open your optic window and feel the charm of film&video.

   It is a new place with elites crowded...

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   With vivid and nice touch your heart.
   Bailongma is a professional movie&tv production unit.
   It aims to provide good efficiency for promoting companies' sales and growup of the industry.
       Bailongma is a center which is approved by relative National sectors as a company supply
   the service as professional movie&tv scheme, photographic ,production and release.
   There are lots of famous old artists and celebrities from literature and performing arts in our
   center. It isa professional movie&tv scheme, photographic ,production and release company.
   The main business include: Movie, TV player, TV programm, Advertisement making. propaganda
   cd making for enterprise.
   big scale concern. package for actor or actress. MTV, graphic advertisement design and 3D,Animation,
   3D Animation , education cd and VCD , DVD pre and post production. we own the facility for rent,
   (non-linear digital editing sets AOWEIXUN ,DVW500 Digit and SONY DVW digital video camcorder
中 文
   etc.) Our center have been keeping close cooperation with many culture ,artic , performing arts and
   movie&tv organizations of China and overseas.We have many intelligent and experienced artic
   consultants. the dean of Bayi Film Production Factory. The greatest state editor, the greatest state
   Photographer.CCTV presenter and Beijing TV presenter etc. we will keep step with the
   times and will do contribution to the development of national culture case and economy.
   Welcome to Beijing Bailongma Movie&TV Culture Broadcasting Center.

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Beijing Bailongma Movie&TV Culture Broadcasting

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